Stainless steel process

Consider the choice of stainless steel

Corrosion Resistance

Because stainless steel contains chromium, a protective chromium oxide film is formed on the surface, so it can effectively isolate the corrosion of corrosive environments in many occasions.

Heat Resistance

Because stainless steel contains high chromium, nickel and silicon, the rust scale can still stick to it at high temperature and not easy to fall off. It maintains strength, so it still has oxidation resistance at high temperature.

Mechanical Behavior

The mechanical properties of stainless steel mainly represent the strength, hardness and toughness of external resistance.

Manufacturing Performance

In order to match various uses, it is necessary to consider its manufacturing properties such as machinability, deep drawing formability, forgeability, machinability, weldability, heat treatment, and surface treatment.


Consider whether it is easy to obtain stainless steel materials and whether there is a problem with the manufacturing technology.


 The appearance of stainless steel is bright, beautiful, easy to maintain and clean.

Manufacturing Cost

 Material cost, production cost and processing cost need to be considered.

Economic Benefits

 Stainless steel tools have the characteristics of low maintenance cost and long service life, but due to the high material cost, production cost and processing cost, it needs to be considered according to the use occasion.

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